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Musician, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, DJ

George originally hails from Thessaloniki, the largest city of northern Greece. He was first introduced to music at the very young age of 4, when he was already classically training to play the piano! Later, when he was through his teenage years  on plugging away at his synthesizers in attempts to reproduce the classical electronic compositions of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre but was rescued by a discovery of the embryonic rave rhythms of the time.
After developing his skills composing and producing his own tracks, George moved to New York City to pursue a degree in Music Technology. While attending courses to obtain the N.Y.U.'s degree, he concluded his first commercial record release on U.K.'s Low Pressings label. Very soon, he joined the U.C.M.G. N.Y. artist roster, decision that allowed him to release various singles for Plastic City - including his critically acclaimed debut album "Life".
It’s no exaggeration to say G.Pal has broken boundaries with his unique sound. Whether you’ve been to one of the many live DJ performances or you’ve heard one of his recordings, you’ll see why he is renowned for his technical capabilities and musical versatility.
2k20 is the year he introduces the project Utopia Music Conception. Basically, it has always been on his mind the idea, then conception to transmit his knowledge and experience to other people, by utilizing his space and studio to offer a range of top notch music production services and learning courses.

G.Pal: Bio
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